Join an extraordinary endeavor! The Atlantic Challenge presents potential sponsors, brands, and ambassadors with the chance to elevate their company's visibility and enhance its brand image on both a national and global level.

Become a Lead Sponsor

Sponsoring a team's challenge gives companies and brands the opportunity to align with a project that not only represents the core values of their business, but also gives access to a potential audience of more the 3 billion people worldwide.

Preparing to row an ocean takes time, training and money. On average, a campaign is £100,000 to get to the startline. The boat makes up the majority of the costs. For a solo crossing, the recommended racing shell, R25, brand new costs £65,000. The boat is the ultimate blank canvas - a floating billboard that will be shown arond the world. The Atlantic race, now a yearly spectacle, has ignited a surge in demand for these vessels as well as the arrival of the brand-new annual Pacific race every summer. The R25 is a versatile asset for both Solo and Pair entries, giving it a high market value and can be sold easily and fetch over 90% of its first-hand value. If you include all over liquidisable assests such as loose equipment, the R25 is the perfect net-neutral partial or full investment for sponsors brands and ambassadors to raise their profile and brand perception of their company on a national and international scale. Alternatively, the proceeds can be donated to charities and collaboration from myself to help raise further donations and can also aide companies who wish to be part of the B-corp movement: transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet, and those that already are.

Sponsor the Essentials

Backing the essential elements of this rowing endeavour provides companies with a fantastic avenue for engagement. It is also a great opportunity for companies/universities involved in sport science to collect data for their research/products on the impacts of the human body brought to extreme physical and mental limits. 14 to 16 hours of daily rowing for a month to cross the Atlantic Solo is a feat only a select few are willing to do. When you support the vital equipment crucial for the Atlantic crossing, you gain the assurance that your contribution directly impacts this challenging journey. Whether you choose to sponsor the oars propelling the boat across the vast ocean, provide the food that fuels the perpetual rowing, or ensure the safety of high seas with a para-anchor, your involvement with the indispensable equipment opens up a distinct opportunity to enhance the visibility of your brand or business.

Live Equipment List